LM FIXATIONS : distributor of screws in the aerospace and defence sectors

LM FIXATIONS works in partnership with many suppliers of industrial fasteners in many sectors, including but not limited to the aerospace industry. LM FIXATIONS works with these qualified manufacturers to offer you the best products to meet your requirements: screws, nuts, washers, pins, rivets etc.

logo TEXTRON fournisseur aéronautique LM FIXATIONS

TEXTRON produces hundreds of products in a range of aerospace and defence sectors, specialist vehicles and fuel systems.

Logo Arconic fournisseur aéronautique de BOULONS AERONAUTIQUES

ARCONIC offers a wide range of fastening solutions such as nuts, fast-operating latches, aerospace screws and bolts.

Logo avdel fournisseur aéronautique GOUPILLES AERONAUTIQUES

AVDEL is a major brand of multi-grip rivets, structural rivets, speed fasteners, crimping nuts and tools.

logo bollhoff fournisseur aéronautique ECROUS AERONAUTIQUES

BOLLHOFF is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of aerospace fasteners and assembly systems.. The range also includes blind rivets, inserts and aerospace screws.

logo camloc fournisseur aéronautique GOUPILLES AERONAUTIQUES

CAMLOC specialises in the assembly of quick-operating fasteners for industry. CAMLOC offers a wide range of products such as quarter-turns, eyelets, washers, nuts, lever clasps etc.


CHERRY AEROSPACE specialises in the manufacture of fastening systems in a number of parts for the aerospace industry. TheCherryMax range of aerospace rivets is the most widely used in the aerospace industry.

logo DZUS fournisseur aéronautique GOUPILLES AERONAUTIQUES

DZUS offers a wide range of high quality industrial screws. DZUS industrial fastener kits are of a durable quality, such as the clips, washers, bolts and pins

Logo HUCK fournisseur aéronautique BOULONS AERONAUTIQUES

HUCK lock bolts and blind structural fasteners are designed to offer high-quality, permanent and shock-resistant assembly solutions.

logo POP fournisseur aéronautique RIVETS AVEUGLES AERONAUTIQUES

Pop rivets are used for the reliable assembly of two parts, irrespective of their material. Whether made from steel, plastic or other materials of varying strengths and thicknesses, blind rivets guarantee a secure hold.

logo SIMMONDS fournisseur aéronautique ECROUS SIMMONDS

SIMMONDS has developed a wide range of special nuts, including anchor nuts, cage nuts, weld nuts and nuts and washers.

logo SOUTHCO fournisseur aéronautique visserie aéronautique

SOUTHCO is at the cutting edge of “contact point” product manufacture, including locks, captive fasteners, hinges, screws and other products

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